Corky's Page

9 February
This spring will mark the eleventh year I have lived in Savannah, GA. Prior to that for twenty years I lived in central Indiana where my husband taught at Anderson University and I was a secretary in the College of Professional Studies. I have three children and nine grand children. My husband has been retired for as long as we have lived in Savannah and I retired May 1, 2008. I enjoy reading, gardening, movies, music and especially spending time with the grand children(four of whom live in Savannah). I used to enjoy cooking but find now that I am just plain tired of having to cook. My car of choice is a Honda and currently I drive a CRV. I love beautiful old things and enjoy browsing through antique shops. I suppose it is obvious that I absolutely love and adore Airedales. I hope to own another one someday. Currently we have King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who name is Charley. (Original, huh). He is a sweet, loving lap dog, but when you have always owned terriers it's hard to adjust to anything else. My husband has a guide dog named Cookie.